A Look Into How Careful Social Media Management Helped Big Brands

June 12, 2020

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If you have a business, then you already know the importance of social media for your brand. Social networks allow you to reach new people and help you establish your brand. 

If done correctly, it can help you establish your brand and make you into a thought leader. From fashion brands to e-commerce stores to B2B service providers, every business can benefit from having a cracking social media outlet.

Instagram and Twitter are two social media outlets that can fast track your growth if you have a solid social media team behind you. Often people don’t see or understand what it means to have a killer profile on these platforms. 

So we have made a list of our favorite social media accounts of businesses from these sites. Hopefully, with this list, you will be able to understand what “social media done right” means. So let’s begin.


Twitter is a lively place with new things trending every second of the day. However, corporate Twitter can often seem like a dull, soul-sucking platform with all the shilling and “clickbaity” posts with #So #many #hashtags to drive engagement. But that’s not the case for all the brands out there.

Our social managers found some brilliant brands that represent their brand perfectly while being fantastic on the platform. These brands have carefully crafted their social media image and made sure that their personality shines through their social media like it would for any human. So let’s start the Twitter list.


Now if you told me before that I would find a toilet paper brand hilarious then I would have just scoffed at you. But ever since I saw the Rob Delaney tweet and their reply I’ve changed.

Charmin’s humor is very charming and sometimes even brave. If there’s a brand that you should model your Twiter account after then Charmin is who you should follow.

Virgin America

VirginAmerica has revamped its system in recent years and has put a big emphasis on user experience and it shows on their Twitter as well. 

It is a perfect blend of wit, professionalism, and humor. They focus on pertinent news and good original content with cheeky humor to keep their audience lively and engaging.

Newcastle Brown Ale

A few years back Newcastle became a viral hit with their take on “Yogurt Bear”. They have a dedicated segment called “if we made it” where they make alternative versions of super bowl ads and show how it could have been better.

However, their main thing is the “no bollocks” joke which ends up being very funny most of the time and that has translated well for them. If you haven’t heard of them yet then be sure to check them out on Twitter. 


@skittles is one of the funniest brand twitters out there. They are eccentric enough to keep you guessing and their off-brand humor will leave you begging for more.

From Skittles humor to nonsensical animal references and some ongoing 80s jokes they have created one of the most interesting Twitter profiles out there. Even if you don’t like Skittles you should check out their Twitter. 

Old Spice

@OldSpice have been rocking the Twitter game for a long time now. When you throw in some general interest humor with manly humor and hats and sometimes boats you get the Old Spice Twitter account. 

Their social media posting is on point with just enough humor to keep the audience interested. What I love about this Twitter account is that it is not only a representative of what it is but also represents what we think 

Old Spice would have been like if it were a human. That’s what makes this account such a great example of what brands you should try to emulate. 

Dos Equis

They have a lot of on brand pertinent content on their Twitter but what I love about this Mexican beer brand is that they are a “one-trick pony” joke-wise and they kill it every time. 

Every single time they reference the Most Interesting Man in the World and it works every single time. @DosEquis has a dedicated social media team that has worked hard on cultivating the brand’s personality on Twitter and it’s one of the best out there that we have seen. 


I love the @DennysDiner twitter account. It’s always current and their social media team has carefully crafted a hip and on-point social media personality that goes with the time. 

The account is aware of the audience and merges their interest with the audience’s love to create brilliant content. The result of that is fantastic food memes that I check out now and then. 


Instagram has fast become a place for brands to establish their influence on. When you think about Insta you think amazing pictures that represent your dreams. Now your idea of what a brand should be like is what you need in a perfect Instagram account. Not all companies can do it, with many social media teams mismanaging the accounts and end up hurting the brand. 

Instagram marketing by Freelancers Hub

However, there are plenty of brands that have created perfect Insta profiles that pop and lock your attention. So let’s check out some of the brands that have fantastic Instagram accounts. One thing though, all these brands provide B2B service. We made it specifically B2B because they are the hardest profiles to perfect. So let’s check them out.


We work is a co-working space where startups and solo practitioners go to get some work done. Unlike our last entry, they have gone a different route. Instead of showing off their employees, they usually go off and showcase the diverse group of people and companies that work with them. 

Now don’t think that they don’t also showcase their brilliant employees. They do. The Insta profile of WeWork is a beautiful carousel of eyecatching colors and pleasing smiles that warms your heart. 

Their unique approach to branding has garnered more than 600K followers on Instagram alone, and following them would do any business a great deal of good. 


The Boeing Instagram account is what every airplane lover in the world follows. It has more than 600K followers for a reason. It has “done social media right”. 

They garnered this massive following by continuously posting photos of planes in the runway or planes approaching the beaches of the world. 

One of the first rules of crafting a perfect social media strategy is to make sure you are always on point, and Boeing is a class example of that. They are in perfect alignment with the brand’s message and showcase the high-quality their audience can expect from them. 

Even though they mostly do business with private companies and governments, they still make sure that their brand’s reach is much larger than their competitors. The Boeing Lovers account is a perfect example of perfect social media management and strategy execution. 

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We would all agree that real estate isn’t the most stimulating thing around. And usually, we would have to agree with this statement if not for the CBRE Instagram profile. 

Instead of boring their audience with the finer points of property management and leasing agreements, they built a profile celebrating the majestic art form that is architecture. They showcase brilliant structures in dazzling lights and capture the essence of the modern cityscape. 

CBRE posts often contain fun facts about the buildings in their pictures as well. Now what I love about their social media strategy is that they alternate between buildings they own and the ones that they don’t. 

It allows them to promote their products without seeming like a company that is force-feeding PR to its audience. CBRE has captured the essence of Instagram users. They know what people want and made sure that their marketing strategy takes it into account. 

So if you are a business in the real estate sector then you can take a page out of CBRE’s book when crafting your social media strategy. 

Dolby Laboratories

You know those people you knew who knows all the celebrities and goes to all the hottest entertainment events? Well, the Dolby Laboratories Instagram account is like that person. Their social media teams take their audience through a journey of fantastic entertainment events, backstage look through, and extraordinary inside looks into the production of their favorite movies. 

The Dolby Laboratories account is a fantastic example of executing a social media branding strategy to perfection. It shows people that they are an active member of the community and a valuable connected insider. 


If you have ever researched an email marketing service, then the odds are you have heard the name MailChimp. The social media management team at MailChimp had a unique problem where they could not showcase or glamorize their product on Instagram. So they did something better. 

We have always been an advocate of connecting with the audience on a human level, and the MailChimp social media team took that concept to another level with their Insta profile. 

Their team created posts with popping colors showcasing the minds behind the operation. Instead of showing viewers programmatic trading desk or CRM platforms. They showcased the wonderful people their customers will be working with.

If you go through their Instagram profile, you will see things like: the company’s talent recruitment team taking a goofy photo together, or a shot of an artist who performed at an in-office event, or the company’s mascot, Freddie, posing with some of the Atlanta sports world’s furriest luminaries, giving the profile a personality.

MailChimp made sure that they show that their company is made up of people who are whimsical, curious, and happy, and that is what drives their audiences.

Doing Social Media Right

So there you go, these are some of the best examples of social media advertisement and account management out there. Make sure you check out these brands and other brands for inspiration. If done right, social media can change the way your business performs. 

So if you want to know how best to use social media to your advantage, then ask one of our consultants. They will help you out without any commitment from you. So get in touch and let us show you social media service management that helps businesses grow. Till then, See Ya!

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