AI Will Positively Impact Digital Marketing in 2023 (Here’s How)

October 5, 2022

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly advanced as time goes by. From generating articles to creating pictures and even games, AI can produce quality content. So, it’s not surprising that they are also taking over the digital marketing industry. 

If you haven’t heard about it yet, yes, ai driven digital marketing is a thing. And it will blow your mind as to how far it has come and far it will go. Today’s article discusses this and much more and tries to give you a peek into how it will just take digital marketing to a whole new level.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a process of designing machines that can perform tasks that normally would require human intelligence. Simply put, it is a technology through which machines process information and respond in a proper manner, just like humans do. 

 It can be divided into 2 main categories: General AI and Narrow AI. 

General AI is a subfield of artificial intelligence focused on creating intelligent agents that can reason abstractly, learn from experience, and act autonomously. This area of AI focuses on creating machines that can think and learn like humans, eventually creating artificial intelligence that can match or exceed human cognitive abilities. Though still in its early stages, general AI research has the potential to revolutionize computing and change the world as we know it. General AI is the more ambitious of the two, as it seeks to create machines that are able to solve any problem independently. 

Narrow AI, on the other hand, focuses on creating machines that can carry out specific tasks and learn from experience. It is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on performing specific tasks and analyzing data. It is often used in digital marketing to help track visitor behavior, create ads and content, and evaluate customer engagement. Narrow AI can be used to help businesses better understand their customers and create more targeted marketing campaigns.

How can AI be used in digital marketing?

There are many ways that businesses can use AI to improve their digital marketing efforts. AI can be used to create more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, improve website design and functionality, and provide better customer service. Additionally, AI can help businesses understand customer preferences and needs to create more effective marketing content. By making use of AI in digital marketing, companies can encourage more people to visit their websites and make a purchase.

7 Ways AI Will Prove To Be Useful In The Near Future

Making complex business decisions

When it comes to digital marketing, machine learning can be utilized in various areas of application, such as Search Engine Optimization, Ad targeting, Lead generation, etc. The machine learning part of AI will slowly be utilized for making more business decisions theoretically. 

This will free up the time and energy of business owners, employees, and workers so that they can focus on more important matters, thus letting them make more creative decisions when it comes to marketing activities. 

Targeting markets based on consumer behavior

A new way of tracking consumer behaviors and making data-driven approaches based on that is via Artificial Intelligence. Ai does this by collecting and integrating data from several platforms. These platforms collect and store data analytics as a way of analyzing the behavior when it comes to a business’s products or services. The goal of AI is to develop automated systems and consumer profiles to target certain markets. 

In the near future, people will be able to make more informed decisions based on the customers’ behavior, which will not only help make better strategies but also benefit the business.

Targeting and customizing ad campaigns

We have explained how AI gathers and integrates data from different platforms. There is a possibility that this integration will become much more developed. The more it develops, the more effective it will be in creating digital ad campaigns based on customer avatars and buying journeys. Thus, using tools for single channels like meta-analysis, AI can easily collect and analyze datasets in a much more complex way than we can.

Increased efficiency in semantic searching

Combining machine learning and meta-analysis helps machines to understand user searches more deeply in order to offer a set of customized results. AI does this by understanding the meaning of search terms and patterns. With that in-depth knowledge, it is able to understand a more complex relationship between different data sets. 

One good example of this would be – incorporating users’ search history into the results page to get a more accurate result. Gone are the days when you would only hold onto unique keywords to get better rankings and visitors on your page. Instead, the advancement of AI’s semantic search will intuitively search a user’s page and bring out the best results the users want to see. 

Relatable content generation

Look, business owners don’t always have the time to sit down and create content and curate them. The reason why AI in content marketing is getting much more recognition. People are already using these AI tools to create content within a short span of time. Ai writing tools like Jasper and Bramework are designed in a way, so that AI can gather and use the data collected from various sources on multiple topics. 

For example, if you want to write a blog for your niche, you have to put a bunch of commands and redirect the AI to write specific blog content for you. And that too under 10-15 minutes. Yes, AI has come that far where they can conjure up an entire article in a few minutes. This will only keep progressing in the future. There will come a time when you have to say nothing, and AI will exactly be able to create the content you imagined.

Better lead generation

AI holds power to retrieve the ideal consumer data based on the information they provide. Not only that, but AI is also capable of predicting or rating the popularity of a given lead. So, what this has to do with individual businesses? Everything. The power of producing effective leads can save a lot of time and resources when conducting a basic search, eventually maximizing the time for pitching and sales call for B2B purposes. Furthermore, it becomes possible to filter through leads quickly and easily, saving precious time. Hence, businesses need to make the most of AI-driven lead-generation opportunities. 

Enhanced website design and functionality

By using AI to analyze user data, businesses can gain insights into how people interact with their websites. This information can then be used to make changes that improve the overall user experience, such as simplifying the navigation or adding relevant content suggestions.

How Intelligent Digital Marketing is Helping Businesses

How Intelligent Digital Marketing is Helping Businesses

Making informed decisions based on data collected by AI

By understanding your online visitors and what motivates them, you can start creating a better user experience. If you can identify their behavioral patterns and predict their buying intent, you can address their needs more personalized and engagingly. Use the information you already have, and gain new insights by testing different solutions. Find out what works for your audience, what doesn’t work, and why.

Saving your time while completing repetitive tasks for you

By automating default and repetitive tasks, you can create a perfectly structured environment and save yourself a lot of time. This way, you can be sure that nothing is overlooked and stay focused on making your venue the place your customers will love.

Increasing your Return Of Investment (ROI)

The AI-powered analysis will quickly and accurately identify your most valuable customers and high-quality leads. It will also help you create highly engaging and converting content to ensure that every offer is relevant and every word counts.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool for marketers, despite being relatively new in the digital marketing industry. With every new update, AI technology is slowly but surely moving toward innovation. So will AI technology revolutionize the industry, or will it go down the road? Let us know what you think.

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