9 Actionable And Reliable SEO Strategies For 2019

December 7, 2018

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SEO is an ever-changing work where one useful trick today becomes illegal tomorrow. That means the next year or next few months will have new SEO strategies. To help out our readers what will work and what SEO strategies you should work on in 2019, we have created this guide.

1. User Experience

With changing parameters, search engines have become smarter. Google has been focusing on better user experience and it also recommends site owners to improve their sites and other things to treat the users well. Everyone wants to get more organic traffic and retain more customers.

You will be surprised to learn that in 2019 user experience will be the priority of Google and other search engines. There are a number of things when we talk about the user experience. It includes a mobile-friendly site, low bounce rate, error free pages, responsive web design, instant page loading and no redirecting.

If you really want to make your site appear in top search results, work on improving the user experience. Offer quality content, keep the site active, make sure they load quickly, never add any redirects, make payments easy and simple and respond to what users want from your sites.Global Versus Mobile Internet Traffic Flow-Freelancers HUB

2. Mobile First

  • Mobile traffic makes over 60% of all websites’ traffic. It was 0.7% in 2009, jumped to 50% in 2017 and continues to grow.
  • Mobile devices are expected to make 80% of all online search in the beginning of 2019.
  • 58% users don’t recommend a poorly designed mobile website.
  • Average conversion rate on smartphones is 64% when compared with desktop versions.
  • 88% customer searching a business from a smartphone visit the store or shop within 24 hours.

These stats have been taken from the most recent studies and surveys. Mobile indexing is the future. If you are not still working on making mobile-friendly sites for your business, you are losing a huge number of customers. You may even face worse situations if it continues.

Change your strategy and work on mobile-first index. You can boost your organic traffic, sales as well as profits within months if you correct your 2019 SEO strategy.High Growth for Live Video on Mobile - Freelancers HUB

Image Source: Variety.com

3. Video Content

  • By 2021, video content will make 80% of all online traffic.
  • A study by Forbes found that 90% customers say video content helps them make better shopping decisions.
  • Every year, video marketers get 66% more leads than any other content type marketers.
  • 50% customer watch a relevant video before visiting a store for shopping.
  • 84% customer buy something after watching a video.

Video content is the future. SEO in future will revolve around video content. You can’t say that only video content will work in future but it shows that along with other techniques, video content will provide you with a huge number of visitors and customers.

If you are not using video content, you are missing out a lot of potential clients. Just see how YouTubers are working. Moreover, video content is more reliable and makes a brand credible in comparison to its competitors. Just invest some time in making quality video content and you will be amazed with results.

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4. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the additional information on a page that Google recognizes and ranks. These snippets help users understand pages and sections of a site in a better way. According to Ahrefs, 99% featured snippets are ranked in top 10 Google results.

Experts believe that featured snippets will be a popular SEO trend in 2019 and the years to come as they have proved really useful for ranking pages and sections in top search results. You can learn more about featured snippets and how to make them a part of your content.

One infographic in two weeks is just enough. You will even find thousands of relevant niche sites that accept infographics and offer backlinks. Share informative image content as much as possible but please focus on content and better visualization and attractive designs.

5. Content Optimization

  • 70% users want to learn about certain products through content marketing.
  • 75% users who find informative, local and interesting content are more likely to visit the stores.
  • According to 63% marketers, quality content is the best source for organic traffic.
  • 84% guest blogs are expected to be interesting as well as informative to be published.

We always hear that content is the king when it comes to SEO. Apart from other tricks and strategies, content makes a great impact. Actually, it is the content that makes an SEO strategy good or bad. White Hat SEO uses unique and original content while copied content is used in illegal methods.

You can expect to see content making more impact in 2019. When more companies or brands are losing the quality of their content, you can divert your focus on offering highest quality content to the readers and customers.

6. Using Infographics

32% Marketers believe visual content is more effective than simple content, let video content be aside. Video content is becoming more popular with every passing day. But when it comes to another trend for content, that is the visual content.

It can be images or infographics. But infographics give you instant results and they are really useful in attracting more organic visitors. When a user sees an interesting infographic, he/she believes the brand behind it believes in quality content. This totally changes the user behavior about a business and makes the brand more credible.

Components of Google Ranking Algorithm - Freelancers - HUB

Image Source: Neilpatel.Com

7. Link Building

Link building has always remained a dominant part of SEO. We will share some useful tips and strategies for link building in 2019.

  • Instead of choosing less competitive keywords, focus on evergreen keywords. This will help you build quality backlinks.
  • Your content should focus on your evergreen keywords. That means the content ideas, blogs and guest posts should revolve around your keywords.
  • You have to find out top ten keywords in your niche and check who are linked to these keywords. They will definitely be your competitors and you have to steal their backlinks.
  • Focus on resource page link building. A resource page is the one that lists certain pages or websites as reference for particular topics, products, services or ideas.
  • Figure out all of your broken links and fix them. You can use extensions as well as online tools to spot all broken links in order to fix them.

Do guest blogging. Approach top authority and similar niche websites with quality traffic. Get backlinks from those sites.ECommerce Sales by Voice Search in US and UK - Freelancers HUB

8. Voice Search

We see voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Bixby and Alexa become more popular with the passage of time. Voice search will be a hot trend in 2019 when we talk about SEO and improving user experience on the websites.

  • By 2020, 50% users will be using voice search for online queries, searching a brand and for shopping purposes.
  • In next two years, the screen search will reduce to 30% and it will divert to voice search.
  • By 2019, the voice recognition market will value at $600 million.
  • Now, 2 out of 5 users search something online through voice assistants.
  • 25% people between 16-24 use voice assistant instead of keyboards.

People don’t prefer typing or searching something with words. They want the voice assistant to do the same work for them. You have to integrate voice search for your websites and make them voice search friendly. This will surely impress every customer on your site.

9. Work on Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important to attract more visitors and customers. Over 90% customers check online reviews before making any purchase. And 72% are those who say the customer reviews matter for them when it comes to making a purchase decision.

With reviews you can make an instant impact on your visitors as well as customers. You should promote comments and customer reviews. Create a review section on your site to get maximum reviews regarding how customers feel about your business, products and customer services.

There are a number of websites out now that help you get customer reviews and share on your sites. You can partnership with such platforms for credible and reliable reviews of experienced users and influencers. This is something many people ignore and thus fail to capture a good number of customers. At least, small businesses and start-ups must go after customer reviews in 2019.

Bonus: Some Quick Tips for SEO in 2019

Apart from what has been discussed above in details, here are some quick tips to follow and look for in 2019 for a perfect SEO strategy.

  • Improve the E-A-T of your site. E-A-T has been a part of SEO for quite a long time but recently Google has put more emphasis on it.
  • Focus on visual content and particularly that can be embedded.
  • Do research and publish unique data. This attracts more visitors and makes a website more credible and authentic.
  • Promote comments on your sites. Most of the people don’t encourage comments on their blogs, tutorials and thus miss out what users want you to be heard.

Go for Podcasts. They are all-time favorite way to build links.

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