12 Smart Ways On How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website?

November 28, 2018

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Getting more organic traffic to their site is a concern for every business these days. With changing SEO practices and strategies, we have created this guide that will help you increase your organic traffic on websites.

1. Optimize for Mobile-First Index

In 2009, the mobile traffic was just 0.7% and it grew to 50% in 2017. According to the 2018 reports, more than 60% users come through phone browsers. This trend shows the future is all about cell phones. Making mobile-friendly websites is the first step in the right direction.

Now, even you can focus on mobile-first index strategy for your website and keywords. That means you need a really good and mobile-friendly version of the website. It must be really responsive, should have a great design and offers the same features a user gets on desktop.

2. Do Keyword Research

Your competitors sell the same products or offer same services. They will have same price and similar quality products. But they make more than you when it comes to sales and profits. This is because they have the right keywords. You can do this too but it requires research.

Do your best work to find out what keywords will work best for your site. For this, check previous studies and research works by SEO gurus. Customer behavior and how they find your products online will help you in this regard. You can also select your keywords after user surveys and your own research.

3. Create High Quality Content

Time is gone when simple content used to work for organic traffic. Creating content for the sake of content is worse than not creating content.  The quality of the content has become a major focus for the search engines. Google has always, nowadays, stressed on creating content of the best quality.

People do like informative, interesting and good quality content. Without anything informative on your site, neither you can retain your traffic nor you can attract more people. This situation leads to reduced sales. Their followers listen to them and these influencers change the shopping behavior of their fans. What a person buys or uses, the fans follow them. Invest in such influencers and make most out of this. They can be expensive but they are really good to boost organic traffic and sell more products.

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4. Use Responsive Web Designs 

  • 94% Users judge a business or brand if it has a responsive web design.
  • Google prefers to rank responsive websites.
  • 57% Users say they don’t recommend a business with poor mobile website.
  • 8 out of 10 visitors will never visit a website again that shows poor design or content on their phones.
  • 83% users say all they want from a website is the seamless experience on any device

These are some stats to prove why a responsive web design is inevitable. The responsive web design is not just about an attract design and beautiful layout. It includes fast speed of the site, image loading time, page loading time, mobile-friendly website, no redirecting, optimized images, bigger and clear font sizes and how well the site treats the users.

5. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Most of the people have focus on short tail keywords. With everyone working on short tail, the competition is intense and you have to work really hard to rank your keywords on top. Sometimes, even despite doing everything, other competitors manage to rank their keywords in top search results.

And few people are working on long tail keywords. They are very important for a business. If short tail keywords don’t work for you, change your strategy to long tail keywords. They bring good results and are easy to rank as well.

6. Write Consistently

You will read a lot of blogs or post where SEO experts suggest the best time and days for publishing content on your websites. Whatever the truth may be, there is no denying that you need to update your blog section regularly with best quality and informative posts.

Three to four blogs every week is the best idea if you want your customers and visitors to stay on your website. When you have a specific schedule for blog posts, visitors wait for that day or time. This is the best thing you can do to your site if you want to increase organic traffic to your site.

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7. Do Guest Blogging

An SEO expert have recently revealed that guest blogging for SEO is dead. Never do it for SEO now. Rather do it for organic traffic. You should understand that when you do guest blogging, you get backlinks to your site on other relevant sites. There was a time when backlinks mattered for SEO.

The backlinks also divert some traffic and new visitors to your websites. That should be the only purpose now. And this is only possible when you share your guest posts on high domain authority websites and platforms. When you do guest blogging, take care of the following factors.

  • Choose only sites with high quality content and a good number of readers.
  • The websites chosen for guest blogging should have the similar niche and should be very relevant.
  • Do share your guests posts as you would share your own posts.
  • Keep a check on your posts regularly.
  • You will get comments there and it is really important to respond to the comments or questions asked there.

8. Avoid What Angers Google

Google has defined what you should do for increasing organic traffic and what should not be on your cards. But there are many people who still want to test Google’s patience with some tricks and techniques that are not allowed. The results can be quick but everything will be vanished once Google tracks that and suspends the accounts or spams the website.

Never run after shortcuts. Follow what has been suggested. Here below are tricks that will help you avoid penalties from Google.

  • You should not compromise on backlinks and never do cheap backlinks.
  • Paid backlinks are not recommended and lead to penalties.
  • Copying content or using plagiarized content is strictly forbidden.
  • Always create and share best quality and unique content with some information.
  • Avoid Black Hat SEO practices.

9. Use Social Media

Social networking sites are a great source for brands to connect with customers. You can create business profile and accounts to respond to customers’ queries and get their feedback. But never rely on social site traffic to boost organic traffic.

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Many people make this mistake. They spend a lot of money on getting likes and followers. The paid campaigns may offer you likes and huge traffic but those visitors have nothing to do when it comes to getting organic traffic. Just ensure your presence on social sites for customers, not for traffic.

10. Create Product Comparisons

All the best brands have product comparisons listed on their sites. You will be wondering what benefit it has. People want to make a quick decision when they have to purchase something. For this they need to compare similar products of different brands. If they fail to get on one site, they try to check others.

You should facilitate your customers or visitors and this makes great quality content as well. List all the products from best competitors on your homepage with their specs, features, descriptions, price, pros and cons and other details. Users will find a quick solution to their problems.

11. Competitors’ Traffic Sources

It is a fact that many brands sell more products than their competitors. This is because they get regular traffic and they successfully make them their customers. That shows they have high quality organic traffic source. So why don’t you just try to find the traffic sources of your competitors?

You must steal their traffic sources. You will definitely be delighted to find out the sources from where your competitors get their traffic. You can do analyses of their results by using different tools or websites.

12. Focus on Customer Reviews

  • 95% customers read online reviews before making any purchase.
  • 72% users never take any action on a site until they have read customer reviews.
  • Displaying customer reviews on a business site increases conversion rate up to 270%.
  • 97% people say online customer reviews influence their shopping trend.
  • 73% customers trust a local business after reading customer reviews.

From these facts, we can conclude that customer reviews are very much a need of every business. They are really effective if you want to increase your organic traffic.

Create a review section on your site and encourage every buyer to leave a review. Facilitate them with a simple process and some incentives. Financial helps, promotions and bonuses to customers encourage them for positive reviews.

Bonus: Connect with Influencers 

There are a number of people who are really good at something. They are the influencers of a certain niche. They are heard and trusted as well. What they say is considered the final word. For example, we see a number of YouTubers in tech sector who test and review phones, accessories and new products. Such people can be really useful for any business.

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