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Best & Affordable SEO Content Writing Tools

“Content is the king” – this truth mostly realize by the SEO guys and the content marketers. Without a great piece of quality content, it becomes impossible to rank any website and attract the organic traffic.

So, I usually invest a lot of time and energy to create text contents that not only create backlinks for my niche site or client site but also for building an online reputation and bring traffic as well.

A piece of article is considered as worthless until it has some great information that can benefit the readers. I assume you know the fact and so usually do extensive research before creating content. Also, you have pretty good presentation skills in writing. But, is that enough to create a quality content? I guess NO! Why?

Besides the in-depth info, it is very important to maintain the certain quality that includes proper grammar, punctuation, readability and most importantly plagiarism or duplicate content.

As a professional SEO freelancer, I randomly need in depth and quality contents for marketing. And I experience that, writing an in-depth article is comparatively easy than producing a quality content.

Instance, for writing an in-depth article on any particular topic, you need detail info. Doing an extensive research online or from other sources can help you to collect a handful of data which can be utilized for writing a resourceful piece of content.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how skill full writer you are with your presentation, you’ll leave a lot of quality related errors while writing. And it will surely distract you from your writing rhythm. That is the reason why individual professional freelancers like me struggling much to produce many contents within short time period.

Tools Suitable for SEO Friendly Content Writing

If you are an individual SEO freelancer like me, then I’m sure this question also strike in your mind. You probably tried a lot of tools already and still confuse which are the best to serve your purpose.

If this is the situation, then my recommendation in this article is definitely something that you’re looking for. I also tried several combinations of tools and end up with some free and paid tools that can help me writing quality contents.

Cost of the Software

Cost is surely a fact for us. We can’t invest hugely in single software or sourcing from other professional writers for off-site SEO campaign. The reason is, we need huge volume constantly and the professional writers are expensive to afford.

Well, what if I’m not a professional writer and still need contents for marketing?

Honestly speaking, I’m also not a professional writer, but one quote that inspires me most and drives me for writing on my blogs.

“I’m the first to admit that you don’t need to be a great writer to create great web content. My writing is far from perfect, but it clearly does what I need it to.”

Neil Patel

I’m a great follower of Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout blog and his above quote makes me confident to create contents of my own.

So, it’s better to develop your own writing skills and use some good and affordable writing tools that can assist you randomly for SEO content writing.

Purpose of Using the Writing Tools

The purpose is the other factor that influences my decision while choosing the appropriate writing assistance tool. I found a lot of editing tools available online. But is all the tools are actually serving me what I’m looking for? Absolutely No!

So, I have ended up with few tools that are not only the cost effective but also as the best-known tools available in the market and help me all through writing. Let me introduce these best and affordable SEO content writing tools;

Grammarly - The Best SEO Content Writing Assisting Tool


For writing, I’m much dependent on this tool. From e-mail writing, blogging, social media interactions to content writing on MS office tool, everywhere I largely depend on this software.

Although right now I’m using the paid version of this software, but before investing in this tool, I tried its best alternative that is, Ginger. I also tried few other alternatives like GrammerBase and PaperRater. Based on my user experience, I decided to use the free version of Grammarly first and later on start using its premium version.

As Ginger is the said to be the best alternative for Grammarly, I prepare a comparison table for this two and focusing on the feature which is the most needed for an SEO freelancer.




Vocabulary suggestion
Browser extension
Desktop application
Office extension
Plagiarism check
Document upload
Paste text
Incorrect Use of numbers
Confusing modifiers
Cost Per Month with Annual Plan
$11.66 $9.25

Grammarly is for sure the popular tool among many another alternative. A review comparison of this tool can give you some good impression too. Considering its features and user friendliness, this tool is also very cost effective in my point of view.

Now you may think that while Ginger cost per month is $9.25 means $2 less than Grammarly, then how come I say Grammarly is more cost effective than Ginger!

Let me put some light on the specific features that constantly required by the SEO content writer;

Office Extension

It is not comfortable to write all the time over online especially when you write a long length content. Writing an e-mail or chatting on different online apps is fine as that short time engagement hardly require assistance from any automated tools.

Grammarly on MS Word for helping SEO content writing

But when the question comes to writing in depth and detail content, then surely MS office tools are the best options to use.

Here Grammarly is clearly ahead of Ginger. You can easily install an add-on in Microsoft office word, enable it and Grammarly will start assisting you while you write your article.

Plagiarism check

Content marketers and SEO professionals know the consequences of duplicate content. As we do research online to gather info before writing, it’s quite obvious that some unintentional duplicity can reflect in our written content. And it can ruin our all effort. Instead of building the reputation, this error will bring disaster for us.

Reference to the table above, Ginger is not providing such facility and in this point, Grammarly beat Ginger. Grammarly’s Plagiarism check facility is wonderful,  must say. It is in fact, the vital reason why I choose Grammarly as my regular writing assistance tool.

Grammarly Error Identify after Document


In my point of view, it is the most confusing part of SEO content writing. Improper punctuation in content not only breaks the rhythm of content or change the meaning of a sentence but also ruins the image of the whole presentation.

Ginger is not going to give you this most important facility. Grammarly is much user-friendly in this case and guides you to through proper punctuation by highlighting the problematic areas.

Document Upload

Writing long contents constantly need changing of sentence sequence, modification, rectification and all. Desktop tools are perfect for writing long and well-researched contents. Grammarly not only assists while writing on desktop tools i.e. MS word, but also it allows to upload the whole document and check. On the other hand, Ginger has no such option.

In my point of view, above mentioned four special features actually makes the difference and influence my decision to use Grammarly for SEO content writing.

Readability Score for improving SEO Content Quaity

Readability Score

Once writing and checking with Grammarly s complete, the next step I use to follow to check the content readability score. It’s a wonderful tool to help to improve the quality of content.

Flesch-Kincaid readability test is something that is recognized all over the world. It has its certain metrics and scoring system to justify a particular sentence’s readability quality. Below table can give the scoring idea for Flesch-Kincaid readability score;

Flesch reading ease scoring Chart for SEO Content Writing

 Image Source: WikiPedia.Org

This online software tool also has the free version but with three checking limit per day. But with the premium account, checking is unlimited every day for three months. However, the cost is incredibly cheaper if you compare the quality of its service. Only $5 for three months means $1.66 for one month.

The tool is also very simple to use. Only three steps included. Copy pastes the content from MS word document, hit the “Measure Readability” button and see the scores.

Flesch reading ease steps to measure SEO Contents readability Score

The higher score is always appreciable and so make necessary changes to achieve reasonable score and turn fairly understandable by the readers.

It is better if you set your target score based on your target audience. Instance, for this article, I assume my target audience are the professional freelancer in SEO or writer category. So, definitely, they’ll be good enough in English to read and understand. So, my preferable score is between 60.0-70.0 which is referring the plain English and can be easily understood by 13-15-year-old students.

Copy Scape

This is the final tool I use for checking my contents before publish. There are obviously very few professionals who’re unaware of this tool. You can say this tool will give you the final quality approval before you publish content on any online platform.

CopyScape also offers a free version, but of course with few limitations. With the free version, you can check the duplicity of an already published content. So, the use of free version is not much useful for us.

CopyScape for checking the Duplicate of SEO Content Writing

On the other hand, Premium account will allow us to copy paste maximum 2000-words contents from MS-Word document and search the whole online database for you and bring the duplicate content even if one single sentence found.

Premium version is reasonably cheap, almost like free! With only $10 you can purchase 200 credits and check 200 contents with them. It means per checking it’ll cost you only $0.5.

Final Words

If you’re an individual SEO professional or a content writer, then this combination of writing tools surely prove as the best and affordable. If you combine the whole cost of Grammarly, Readability Score and CopyScape for one year, then the cost will be ($139.92 + $20 + $10) = $169.92/year which means $14.16/month. And with this cost, you can get almost unlimited writing assistance service. What I believe, this combination is not only the best for the professional SEO or content writer freelancers but also for the bloggers and writing enthusiasts.