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Social Media is now one of the vital segments of online marketing and plays the most important role in ensuring highest visibility over the internet. Statistics shows that, millions people use to spend daily 118 minutes average on social media in 2016. Thus it brings a huge opportunity for internet marketing on the most popular social media platforms like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. Freelancers-HUB, a team of professional International SEO consultant and experienced social media marketers, know how to create a massive online wave to reach the most targeted audience through following systematic and effective social media marketing strategy. Our proven social media activity ensures;

  • Establish a brand reputation by strong social media presence on top most social media channels like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Build relationship with the target audience by effectively engaging them in conversation that results in brand awareness and converting visitors into customers;
  • Create and curate valuable contents what your business customers are actually looking for that attracts the most potential converting customers to your business.

What makes us different from others in Social Media Marketing?

Our professional internet marketing team is knowledgeable and skilled. As a social media freelancing team, we build and optimize social media marketing campaigns that create a robust online presence for our clients, and ultimately a devoted following of customers. We recognize precisely what it takes to create a web buzz. We additionally comprehend that each organization is exclusive, and could want an exclusive approach.

As your dedicated social media team, we’re going to help you define which kind of person you should be focused on, and which channels to use to maximize your traffic and social media conversions. Our social media control services are priced to offer you the fine Return on Investment and could ensure which you reach the right audience in the right place and the right time.

We’re also specialists on social media due to the fact we use it. We use social media publishing platforms like Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook each day. We know what it takes to get a post past Facebook or Google Plus’s complicated algorithms, and a way to encourage dozens of retweets. Our professional internet advertising group is constantly getting to know the latest social media tendencies and finding ways to contain them into the social media advertising and marketing strategies of our clients.

We’ve got advanced a few revolutionary strategies to get our customers worried within the online social media world. Our social media pricing packages are based on the time and sources had to create a transferring online presence in social media.

Maximum social media firms do not divulge what is going into their social media marketing services or post their social media pricing. Freelancers-HUB believes that customers want to have all the records possible to make informed decisions. We present the detailed info of our social media management price quotation, so clients recognize exactly what we are supplying. We have a systematic technique, making us the best social media service provider freelancing team companies flip to whilst trying to improve their online presence.

Why Choose our Social Media Marketing Services

With the most experienced and expert freelancers, Freelancers-HUB will let you establish, grow, and keep your organizations’ interactions with customers online. We always offer customized social media marketing services and pricing based on your need. So when you partner with us, we do not come up with a well-known, cookie-cutter answer for your corporation’s needs — we make certain you get the social media advertising bundle that works for you.

Besides, we believe that clear cut price quotation and transparency helps to create solid business relationships with the customers. We need you to recognize exactly what you get with your social media charge, and we want to make certain you get the maximum price out of your spending as possible. When you understand what you are shopping for, you may sense extra confident when you spend — and we want our customers to be at ease with us whilst understanding all of our social media marketing pricing.

What is the Base of our Social Media Marketing Pricing?

In contrast to different types of online marketing, social media ought to focus on offering informative and worthy content material for your audience that moves them to recommend your website to others. Viral word-of-mouth is the goal. Freelancers-HUB has found the social-media-tourist-to-subscriber conversion method to be the most convenient and cheapest way to take gain of the big social media traffic potential.

Our social media pricing is based totally on the many exceptional methods we use to do simply that. From Twitter and Facebook to blogs and open contests, Freelancers-HUB’s social media pricing is based on all of the specific techniques we use to create an effective online presence for your business. Basically, our social media costs are based on how plenty we’ll do for you and the way nicely we’re going to carry out.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Studies have shown that growing number of online shoppers are possibly to investigate your business reputation, products and services on social media channels before they make a buy from you. They’ll read evaluations and feedback from different clients, as well as your personal updates, to determine if you are sincere. So if you do not have pages to your on-line commercial enterprise on social media, you are lacking out on customers!

Social media also gives you an opportunity to talk with customers in an entirely new way. You may answer questions, provide support for issues, or even attain out to capability clients who can be interested in your products. Having a business web page on social media additionally offers you an opportunity to drive site visitors to your website and growth sales.

Budget for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

Signing up for any social media account is absolutely free of cost. Anybody can create a Facebook fan page for your business or a Twitter account. But, social media tracking can be very time-consuming. It could also be difficult to find a person from your office team who has the experience and information vital to correctly optimize your social media accounts. If not done effectively, a social media campaign may be very expensive for your business.

Freelancers-HUB always offers customized social media management plans based on your need, all at a fragment of what it’d price to rent a committed social media supervisor. Our experienced and knowledgeable group of professional freelancers will assist you not only for effective online presence; however additionally make certain that it is monitored and up to date in a well-timed way.

With our help, you may be capable of stop that specializes in what social media costs, and begin seeing elevated website traffic and revenue. We let you construct thriving communities on every main social media platform and maximize their go back on funding.

Reasons of Project-wise Different Pricing Structure

The fact is, there is no standard pricing structure in the online marketing industry. Any marketing firm can claim they are a social media company and set any social media pricing they had like. Figuring out truthful social media pricing is left to the business owner. We suggest exactly what’s covered in our quoted social media pricing plans so clients can make better knowledgeable choices while choosing a social media company.

Our social media marketing pricing is decided by using our own revel in inside the enterprise and the way right of an ROI we are able to earn for you. From that perspective, a social media marketing cost can rely upon how plenty you want to attain via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. And due to the fact we don’t have any hidden social media representative fees, you know what you are getting to your investment the instant you make it.

Social media pricing also can be difficult for a few to determine due to the fact a selection of resources are required and can frequently exchange as the medium evolves. Freelancers-HUB’s social media pricing is primarily based on a spread of approaches and is flexible to meet the wishes of our clients and the target audience. We believe that our such flexible approach to pricing for social media marketing makes affordable enough for a diffusion of ability customers, which includes state-of-the-art organizations.

What our Social Media Marketing Services Includes

Every customized social media marketing packages we offer includes below four tested elements;

Social Media Marketing Strategy Development

This is our first step of starting a social media marketing campaign for your business. In this step, we use to do an extensive research on your niche and business industry and, prepare a list of queries for you. Based on your answers, we can determine who would be your target audience, what would be the target location, best age group or gender for targeting. Besides, your answers also help us to understand what sort of contents need to create, curate and syndication for the target audience.

Deliver the Best Content to the Target Audience

Once we finalize the strategy, the next step is to set up the distributions channels for your business. Our expert social media marketing freelancer then search the trendiest and popular contents floating on the internet in your niche, create an online library by monitoring the current buzz on social media networks, tracking the target keywords through programs like a brand and social mention, Google alerts etc. Schedule the posts on weekly basis based on your local time when people are mostly active on social media networks.

Engaging the Potential Customers on Social Media Platforms

This is the most important part of social media marketing. It is really important to answer instantly for any queries asked by any potential customers. Our experienced and dedicated freelancer for your social media marketing campaign is capable of handling such quires in a professional manner. This not only results of driving visitors to your website but also help interested visitors converting into paying clients.

Monthly Reporting of Social Media Marketing Performance

Social media always has the tendency of reflecting the rhythm of latest trends. To ensure the campaign is optimized properly, our dedicated freelancer will produce a monthly reporting with different KPIs i.e. clicks, like share, retweets, repins, engagement, network growth, and traffic sources. We also continuously monitor the overall performance on a weekly basis so that we can make necessary changes whenever required.

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