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9 Helpful Tips On Increasing Facebook Post Engagement - Freelancers HUB

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with millions – scratch that…billions of people using it on daily basis. Social media was initially meant to bridge communication gap between people but it has now become a very trusted mode of marketing for businesses and self-promotion. We all see people with posts that have been liked by millions of people and with comments from hundreds of thousands of people. You might often wonder how that happens, most particularly if you are running your own business FB page and looking for ways to increase Facebook post engagement. Read ahead to find out about trusted expert tips on increasing Facebook post engagement for every next post you make.

1. Play the Question/Answer Trick

One of the best expert ways to increase the engagement for your Facebook posts is by asking questions through your posts. People who refrain from commenting or liking your post without reason will surely be encourage to answer your question and this can encourage engagement with the audiences.

2. Create Facebook Polls

These days a very trusted way to spark conversation with the audience via your posts that give you an option to create polls. Facebook very recently introduced this option to create polls in which you can ask a question and put two or more options for the audience to choose in order to get results. This is a very interesting way to attract audiences to engage with your post to become a part of the poll.

3. Add Images/Graphics to Your Posts 

How many times have you been told that pictures speak louder than words? Well, this is surely right in the case of Facebook posts because just by simply adding images or pictures to your posts – you can increase the engagement rate by three times. If the regular Facebook users do not stop and read every post that is written on your post – they will surely be attracted by the images that are shown on the post. According to a recent survey conducted, 3 x more users engage with your Facebook posts when you add images, GIFs or any form of graphic to your posts.

4. Add Hashtags to Your Posts 

Hashtags have become the ‘it’ thing these days. As majority of us are familiar with using and being present on social media nowadays, we all our accustomed to hashtags too. Hashtags are basically terms or words that are written using the symbol ‘#’. This automatically makes the word, term or phrase searchable. Hashtags are a great way to make your post reach out to maximum people as the post becomes increasingly more searchable for the users. Hashtags will definitely do the trick for you if you want to make sure maximum audiences engage with your published posts.

5. Time Your Posts 

Timing plays a crucial role when you are posting on Facebook. Of course, if you are looking for ways to increase post engagement rate – you are either running a Facebook business page or are working on self-promotion. Either ways, you will be able to find out the audience analytics for your Facebook account or page in the settings. The audience analytics offer you an insight into what time are the audiences most active and hence, you get the chance to design your posts right around that time. Let’s elaborate this with a brief example. If the audiences for your account or page are online mostly from 6pm to 11pm – this is when you should be posting to engage the users. Posting out of the active hours will drastically bring down the engagement rate because your posts will become lost on the newsfeed of the users and will be missed out by

6. Be Responsive to People Who Engage with Your Posts

You should be responsive to the people who comment or engage with your post to increase the rate of engagement in the future. This is crucial. Many of us want to increase the engagement rate but don’t work on it. It is important to let other people know that you are present with them and you are just as involved with them as you want them to be engaged with you. By replying to people who comment on your post, you encourage them to be more vocal about their opinions in the future and give them confidence to talk to you because they will surely get a response. This is a helpful way to build a stable bond with them for the long run.

Facebook Page Engagement Trick by Freelancers HUB

7. Keep the Posts Short and Simple 

The length of your post is also a crucial factor that determines the engagement rate for each post. People have preferences when it comes to the content they see on social media. Nobody has the time or the interest to ever sit around and read a post that is too lengthy. People usually engage with posts that are short and meaningful. So, you really need to keep it short, simple yet impactful if you want people to engage with your posted content. Don’t overdo yourself or get too carried away when publishing content on Facebook.

8. Initiate Action with Your Posts 

Make sure your posts initiate some activity. There is term on Facebook that is particularly popular ‘Call to action’. This is a great way to get the people motivated and encourage them to engage with your web content. So, the next time you post an image for instance, you can ask the people to like or share or comment. This is like creating a small activity for the people to engage with.

9. Tag Friends for Maximum Exposure 

You can tag your friends, family members or other people that you might know on Facebook with your posts. The more number of people you tag, the more exposure your posts will get because tagged posts appear on the newsfeed of friends of all tagged people. Hence, you actually get a chance to increase your post engagement not one or two times but several times by tagging maximum number of people to your published posts. This way not only your Facebook friends or contacts get a chance to engage with your post but many other people too. However, don’t forget to keep all your posts public so that maximum people can view them.

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