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6 Search Engine Optimization Techniques - Freelancers HUB

What Is SEO Marketing Strategy?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. Through SEO, your website gains higher rankings in search engine results.

According to 2018 Web server survey, there are a total of 1.8 billion websites and the interesting part is that alone in 2016, the figure had doubled i.e. from 900 million – almost 1.8 billion. It’s 2018 and websites will surely increase in quantity. To make your website standout in competition, you need to invest in SEO for better rakings.

1. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are words which are repeated often in content marketing. Not only they emphasis and raise argument about a content, but also improve SEO.

Whenever you want to invest in keywords, the trick is use long tail keywords. For example, if you have a barber shop in Miami. You need to link keywords such as ‘barber shop’ ‘Miami’ ‘neighborhood name ‘city name’.

This is done because people hardly search for generic keywords. Go for long tail keywords to attract maximum number of audience.

You can use Google AdWord keyword planner to find the best long tail keywords. However, if you don’t have any active campaign in AdWords, it won’t show you the exact search volume. Moreover, you may need some additional information like SEO difficulty level and SERP information to pick the best keywords.

In that case, the best option is to use some paid tools like Semrush, Ahref etc. But if you don’t want to allocate budget for this purpose, then you can also do keyword research effectively by using some free tools by following specific methods.

2. Optimize Website

Bravo! You started the use of keywords. To make your website more efficient, start using the same words in your tags, title tags and metatags, which are being used as your keywords.

Make sure you use a good bit of similar words so that your keyword density is just the right bit (NOTE: If it is too much, your website may lose ranking).

Just write them in a natural, sort of way.

3. Optimize Header Tags Wisely

In HTML, you can give heading in 6 ways. There are 6 header tags from H1 to H6. H1 is the largest font size while H6 is the smallest.

Keep up the similarity of chosen keywords and heading tags. Use at least 1 H1 tag on every web page and the title should clearly depict the written content. When writing a heading, limit your words to 320-word space.

It is also important to know that at least 80% of Google’s first page results use H1 in their web pages

While optimizing the website or web page, if you follow below 10 checklist, then it can help drastically improve your on-site SEO factors..

10 On Page SEO Optimization Techniques - Freelancers HUB

4. Interlinking Pages and Posts

By interlinking, your different web pages of website are displayed on different web pages of your website.

Just like back linking, interlinking plays an important role in search engine optimization.

It helps in opening new pathways of lesser accessibility to search engine bots. With keyword anchoring, your web pages are organized and it is easier for bots to find your page (thereby allotting you a higher rank). In this way, ‘link juice’ is passed between web pages and your website gains a widespread promotional campaigning in form of different hyperlinks on different web pages.

5. Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization includes all those steps you do outside your website, which result in the upper rankings of your website. It includes social media marketing, guest blogging and quality backlink building.

All of off-page optimization techniques have one thing in common – they bring more and more people to visit your website. Through social media marketing and guest blogging, the name of your website reaches to newer people and through backlink building, hyperlinks of your websites are shown on other websites.

FREE TIP: Keep of spam websites. If you are going for software which post lots of spam comments or spam websites, displaying your hyperlinks – your website may devalue and eventually get blocked.

6. Social Media Optimization and Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools of 21st century. With social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – you can reach any person in the world, regardless of age and gender restrictions.

If you are a brand, you can gain lots of exposure and profit by contemplating on your marketing strategy. You don’t always need to focus on your product. Be versatile – show some innovation. Make use of memes, humor and general knowledge facts to attract your particular group of consumers. Create some giveaway deals and shout-out to loyal fans, say if they bring 10 people to your business place (a restaurant, pizza parlor, retail store) or start a selfie competition with your hashtag and the best selfies will get a gift from you.

These types of social media marketing actions will make fans invest more time on your product and they will also recommend your product to their friends. More people = more exposure on your website – All possible due to social media.


All the points mentioned above are not static in nature. SEO is a dynamic process. After every little while, you need to do the process, again and again, to achieve success from your competitors. Try innovation if your rankings are constantly low otherwise change the content but follow the same direction.

Also, it is important to know that the above mentioned steps are not ‘the extreme end’ in improvement of SEO. Over time, new techniques will emerge and then, you will need to implement the newer strategies to stay at the top.

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