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3 Major Steps of Digital Marketing Solution by Freelancers HUB

In today’s era of online presence, it’s vital to know the exact process of presenting your blog or business to the internet so that the search engine recognize your existence and bring on the top for what you want. And that’s the reason why you need to know the most 3 basic steps of any kind of digital marketing solutions. Lets try to dig more into the depth of these 3 major steps.

It doesn’t matter if you want to promote your blog, business website or E-Commerce store, you’ve to do three below things;

  • Search Keyword;
  • On-Page Optimization;
  • Selecting marketing channels for promotion

Search Keyword

Search for target keywords is considered as the first and foremost thing you have to do for any form of online marketing. To get the most effective results of for your website or blogs digital marketing solutions, you first need to find the most relevant and suitable keywords for your niche.

The most common keyword research technique you can find over online is to go to Google Keyword Planner, search and find the relevant keyword and finalize those words for your site which has high search volume and less competition. But, do you really think that this technique gives you the best keyword for worth targeting?

Believe me, it’ll not! Now, you may think, why?

Let me explain the reasons. It’s because keyword planner is showing the competition level based on the bids people use to do on their advertising platform. So, if you consider that competition level, you’ll not be able to get the right information. You may select such a keyword that actually has ‘Low’ competition, but in reality, it might have much higher competition level if you measure it through other methods like SERP.

To select a best and profitable keyword, you must have to take below things into consideration;

  • Relevancy to niche
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI)
  • SEO Difficulty
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Now, you may think that from where you’ll get these information’s, if you need to use some paid tools to use or what would be the exact process of doing effective keyword research?

I’ll share my own technique of search relevant keywords in a effective way by using free tools.

3 Basic Steps of Digital Marketing Solutions

On Page Optimization

This is considered to be the very next step for any form of digital marketing after keyword research. Once you find out the most relevant and profitable keyword for your target niche, it is needed to optimize your website, landing pages, social media platforms and social media fan pages with those keywords so that search engine can detect them for those search terms.

Why On-Site SEO is Important

Website landing pages, social media accounts and fan pages are actually the face of your business, blog and represents your purpose. And of course your want your site to be found by people for your purpose with the terms which is most relevant to your purpose. On Site SEO helps the search engines to detect you web pages and fan pages for your selected search terms.

For instance, my website is focusing on digital marketing niche and I want to offer search engine optimization services, social media marketing services, CPA and affiliate marketing services to my clients and, I also want to share my knowledge, skills and expertise on this niche. So, I obviously want search engine to detect my website for keywords related to my topics and not for the terms relevant to travel, games or any other niche.

Important factors to be considered for On-Site SEO

Now the question is, how you can optimize your website, landing page or social media channels and fan pages with the target keywords? I discuss the op page optimization issues for various cases in other different posts, but here I give a short list below which you need to take into consideration while performing for on-site SEO.

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description and Page Description;
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6)
  • Image ALT Tags
  • URL Structure

These above four points are most important and very common cases for optimizing on page with target keywords. But, when you optimize a business website, there are few more important things that need to consider which I’ll discuss in my other upcoming posts.

Marketing Channels

At this level of Digital marketing, the main battle comes for every marketer. Once you’ve done the keyword research and optimize the web page, landing page and social media fan pages, you’ve to choose the right channels through which you’re going to spread your word.

When choosing the right marketing channel to for your website, you’ve think think about some factors like what is the ultimate objective of your marketing. It could be only spreading your word so that you can get huge amount of visitors to your blog or could be generating leads. For this reason, it’s important to know what marketing channels can bring you what kind of results. Let me try to put some light on this in my below discussion;

  1. Off-Site SEO or Link Building: After you’ve done the on-site SEO for your website, it’s not time for off-site SEO which is also can be known as link building. But, what is the purpose of link building?Well, the answer is simple and that is for ranking the website in search engine for the target keywords. A lot of search engine compliance has to follow while build quality links that can pass link value to your main website. Only high-value links can help your site to get ranking on search engine result (SERP) for your target keywords. I’ll discuss various types of links, quality of links, search engine guideline for link building and white hat SEO link building in my upcoming posts.
  2. Social Media Channels: It is nowadays the most strongest medium of spreading your word to the target people which can be your possible followers or potential customers. It not only help to build the brand reputation but also helps to generate a considerable volume of leads for your business. Here again, you’ve to select the right medium of social media channel which can serve your purpose best. And, for that reason, you’ve to analyze the function of every social media channels and then choose the right one for your blog or website.
  3. Display Advertising: It is another form of strong marketing technique suitable for both generating leads and increase the volume of followers to your blogs. As it involves direct investment of your hard earned money, so you have to be prepare yourself first so that you can gain good ROI from your investment. Although, it also involves the keyword research and on-page optimization, but it also requires some specific skills to achieve good results from your investment.
  4. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Marketing: You can say that it’s another form of display advertising but with more accurate target. Both display advertising and CPA marketing is particularly suitable e-Commerce website owners, but can also serve other purpose like collecting email addresses for e-mail marketing etc.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: It is probably one of the oldest form of online marketing and much popular for website owners and publishers. It not only can help spread your words over the internet to build your brand reputation, but also helps a lot for content marketing and generating leads. I’ll dig into more deep of affiliate marketing and share posts on coming days to share my learning on effective affiliate marketing.

In the end, I must say one thing, especially to the beginners that no matter in which area of digital marketing solutions you’re planning to build your career, you must have to learn the first two most common steps i.e. keyword research and on page optimization technique. Once you achieve the skill on these two, you can practice and master yourself in any particular field of online marketing channels. Of course there are many other steps of digital marketing solutions that you’ve to consider, but above three are in general and first two are the most common and must for every online marketer.