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18 Valid Reasons Why Your Startup and Local Small Business Needs SEO - Freelancers HUB

If we take a look around in the business and corporate world today – it is pretty easy to see that the business world has expanded drastically over the past few years. There has been a substantial expansion in large scale businesses as well as local smaller corporations as well. The internet has become a mandatory part of all businesses that run these days. SEO optimization is a key for effective business marketing these days.

However, despite the immense progress and growth of the business world – it is pretty unfortunate that there is still a majority of population out there that believes local businesses do not require SEO. We fail to agree with this as we think local business are in equal need of SEO just like the larger ones. In this blog, we shed light on why SEO is important for local businesses and offer 18 valid reasons to justify this statement.

How Can SEO Help Your Local Business Positioned Online?

As we already mentioned above, there are not many local and small-scale businesses that are bothered with SEO. This is sadly why many small business owners that operate locally are not much bothered with SEO at all. The general mindset for local business owners is that only the large-scale businesses can gain productive results with the help of this updated technology.

Contrary to popular belief, local businesses are clearly in much more need of SEO for their business than the larger corporations. This is because the smaller businesses require all the exposure and visibility the SEO brings for their brand. It is a trusted, authentic and cheap way of making your business progress. Local businesses will get ample exposure with aid of SEO. They will generate maximum traffic audience and also rank better on search engine listings.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Local SEO For Your Business

There are several reasons why we think it is best for you to consider local SEO for your small business. Amongst the several dozen reasons, there are 18 distinctive reasons why you should consider SEO for your local business sooner than later. Let’s talk about the highlight 18 reasons in-depth below.

1. Cost Effective and Ensure Maximum ROI

It is no secret that SEO is not a very expensive marketing tool. The inexpensiveness of SEO medium is what in fact makes it such a trusted and preferred choice for business owners. There is nothing better than the fact that a business can use the aid of a cost efficient medium like Search Engine Optimization to build up their traffic, increase exposure and as a result of all this – get maximum ROI. ROI stands for return of investment and this is basically what every business in this world aims for; to generate maximum profits out of the business investments they make.

2. Grab Attention from New Clients

SEO brings you a great opportunity to generate successive new leads for the local brand. When you utilize SEO as your business marketing strategy, you get the increased chance of engaging with quality organic clients. The key outcome of SEO is that it helps your business to get noticed by maximum number of people and also generate more traffic audience for your website as well.

3. Easy Communication with Clients

When you implement SEO as a marketing tool for your local brand, there are many new things that you will be able to figure out about SEO and how it shapes up progressive pathway for your brand. One of the things that cannot go past without being noticed is that how SEO bridges the gap and distance between the client and the business. It sets out a map outline for your website that the user customers will find helpful when they set out to stream your website.

4. Help Building Brand Image Among Local Community

The one thing that local businesses can find very hard to achieve is a stable and secure brand image for themselves. This is because with such high-end competition on the market these days – it is very difficult for a local business to build an image for themselves that brings them recognition in the local community. SEO however is the speedy tool that helps you to build a strong and solid brand image that brings recognition and awareness to your brand sooner than later.

5. Reviews and Reputation Management

If you take the many ‘important’ factors for businesses into consideration – one of the most important things that persists in the business world is reputation management. Luckily, reputation management and SEO tools go hand in hand. It is crucial for your business to build up a positive outlook for your brand. This is why reviews and reputation management for the local business is crucial and its essence cannot be denied. SEO not only plays a pivotal role in reputation management but is also helpful in bringing strength, stability and credibility to your business.

6. Deliver High Quality Organic Traffic

The one thing that every business on the web needs is traffic audience. The traffic audience should not only visit but also engage with the content on the web in order to help the business generate productive outcomes. Interestingly, SEO link building is able to make your small business generate high quality, authentic and real traffic audience that is 100% organic.

7. Increase Sales Revenue

SEO has a huge impact on generating sales and revenue by drastically expanded margins for your business. In order to increase sales and revenue, SEO is a trusted medium that should definitely be implemented by local business. SEO facilitates the business to drive traffics audiences to the website and also maximize the ROI sales profit for the business.

8. Lots of Repeat Business

Repeat business indicates towards the customers that are repeatedly coming back to your brand. In other simpler words, repeat business is customer loyalty. Repeat business helps to drive the same clients repeatedly back to the brand in a cyclic manner. This eventually rules out the need to work on generating new clients because your ROI cycle is already circulating in a healthy manner. SEO not only helps in solid inbound marketing but is highly effective in retaining the customers to engage repeatedly with your business.

9. Get More Phone Calls

The basic trusted way for effective communication has for long been phone calls. Whilst phone calls are important, let’s not forget that times have drastically changed. We do not live in an era any longer when your business needs to rely on sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring. If you want to hear from people you can trust SEO to make it happen. SEO works on the optimized tags and descriptions for your brand. This is helpful in boosting the click-through-rate ratio for your local business which in turn is also helpful to generate increased traffic audiences.

10. Long Lasting Results

Over and over again, the importance of SEO for long lasting results for your business has been emphasized on. SEO is capable of bringing in long lasting productive results for your brand but let’s not forget that great results take time too. So long lasting results will significantly benefit your business but it requires great patience on your end.

11. Get Ranking on Targeted Search Terms

Using keywords and key terms to generate sales for your business is one of the basic rules of SEO. If you ask any SEO expert for help to make your local business expand, you will be told to incorporate key terms to improve the overall ranking of your business. Page ranking is improved via key terms and term related searches.

12. Your Competitors Are Also Doing It

If you want only one reason why you should be following the SEO route for your local business – isn’t it enough that your competitors are doing it? In a world with such high and aggressive competition, it is only sane to follow what others are doing. If you wish to survive in the competition as a small company, you will have to follow other’s examples rather than working your individual way.

13. Mobile Users Are Rapidly Growing

We live a technologically crafted era and this is a fact that we must accept if we want survival in the new world. Technology has shaped our lives today. There was a time when even personal computers were rare and this was a time when you could refuse SEO for your local business. But today, with gadgets and tech devices ruling our lives – it is only understandable to trust SEO to engage with customers via this medium. SEO will help your local business to engage with a majority population of customers who only engage with the web via their mobile phones.

14. Stand Out Among the Crowd – Compete with Big Businesses

If you are a makeup brand, you are not alone. There are at least a million other makeup brands similar to yours working. So how will you stand out in the crowd? The key rule is to implement SEO to bring recognition and distinctiveness to your brand. Without SEO, your local brand will go unnoticed like a drop of water in an ocean. A lost brand can never be productive or profitable.

15. People Mostly Rely on Online Search to Get Services and Buy Products

The best brand is the people’s brand. If you want to be successful, you need to shape your business products and services just like your customers want. These day’s people rely on online searches and online shopping. You need to put your brand out there with aid of SEO on the web for the customers to access.

16. Perfectly Match with Social Media

Social media is the ‘it’ thing these days. There is hardly anyone who is not a social media user. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and several other social networking platforms – it is only mandatory for your business to be affiliated with social media. Times have changed and now people do not read pamphlets or wait for newsletters to arrive by post. Social media has made access and communication instant and hence, SEO will make your local business perfectly sync with social media. This is the need of hour.

17. Free Business Listing on Major Platforms Including Google And Bing

Search engine listings is the one thing that every business and brand, regardless of what scale it is – competes for. If you are a successful brand, you need to be on top of the Google search results ranking. Search engine optimization can ensure that your business will be listed not only Google or Bing, but also on all other major and influential search engine listing sites. Top ranks on page 1 of search engine listings is only what SEO can bring for your business.

18. Maximum Conversion Level Through All Local Advertising Channels

Local SEO is a great way to maximize your business sales. SEO is greatly helpful to make your business distinctively different and noticeable amongst all competition. SEO is greatly helpful in highest conversions of sales via local advertising channels. If your choose to consider the stats, it is pretty easy to see that only with Google alone more than 2+ billion people engage with local searches every year. This is only an instance that indicates how SEO is contributing is making highest conversions from local channels of advertisements.


To sum up things, let’s bring several points together that we have already highlighted in much depth above in this blog.

Local business should consider SEO for their businesses. There is enough evidence now that supports the fact that SEO is the only medium that can bring wonders for local businesses overnight. From increased exposure and visibility on the web to maximum accessibility by the traffic audiences and improved rankings on search engines – SEO is the super speedy tool that can make your local business progress rapidly right in front of your eyes. The need of SEO for large and small businesses is alike but if there was to make any distinction based on the ‘level of importance’ – local businesses are clearly in much more need of SEO because they are the ones that depend on an external medium to bring them recognition and credit that they deserve.

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  1. Nowadays I heard a lot that SEO is dead. There is no doubt that, without SEO especially local businesses can’t stand in organic search. Latest Google algorithm, in fact, make SEO more important for local businesses. You figured absolutely right points here. Thumbs up and keep up the good work.

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