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13 Tips to Start Freelance Digital Marketing For Real Estate Business - Freelancers HUB

The world of real estate is one of the hottest areas for earning cash. No matter what happens, there will always be a supply and demand of people who want to buy and sell their houses. With a bit of effort in terms of real estate SEO, you can earn a hefty amount and enjoy good profit off the sales.

A better approach is to digitally market the real estate listings. To get started with freelance digital marketing, read the following points:

1. Making People Believe

There will always be a hard-working family who wants to move to suburbs for better living opportunities or a millionaire who is interesting in increasing his arsenal of mansions.

Point is, different people have different goals and as a real estate marketer, your job is to make people believe in those goals. Only then people will seriously see towards making a sale, through your channel.

2. Social Media Presence

Many people scam in the name of real estate. Having a solid social media profile eliminates the risk of frauds and makes people believe in authenticity of an agency.

Link your social media accounts on the real estate profiles. Interlinking will also help in improving the holistic real estate SEO.

3. Power Content

Most people looking to buy real estate properties are investors, business owners and people looking to increase their wealth.

In your social media posts, try to adopt the policy of delivering power content. Make inspirational posts about how having a plot, apartment or a villa will make you more powerful. Support your arguments with logics and you will gain many customers.

4. Interests of Rich People

Market on the interests of rich people. Places like horse racing, gambling dens, theaters and expensive hotels can be used as places for digital marketing.

You can pay public places to show your content so they your real estate products subconsciously fit into their minds.

Real Estate Digital Marketing by Freelancers HUB

5. Discount Publicity

Not everyone is technically sound so you can offer discounts to people who know their way. For example, you can give a 10% discount to people who login through app on a particular date. The remaining loss can be reimbursed from people who did not bother to check the app and went for manual dealing methods.

Be sure to mention all details explicitly otherwise you can be taken to court for not sharing complete info.

6. Not Beating Around the Bush

When it comes to real estate marketing, most websites are copy of similar websites. This frustrates an average internet user, who is looking to gain a deeper insight.

Instead of spinoffs and poorly written content, it would be best if your website does not beat around the bush. When people are searching specific properties or living spaces on the internet, they have two things on their mind:

  • Number of facilities
  • Price

Mention both of them in form of easy readable formats. Take help from pictures and animations but mention them straightaway, as this helps the potential customer make his mind.

7. Magazines, Blogs, Pop Culture

Find out what people are into. The things people are into, people dedicate their time to them. Start your digital marketing in form of promotional posts in blogs and magazines.

Also, try contacting influential people who would endorse your agency. People are more likely to believe their word, due to their solid appearance in terms of actors, mayors, politicians and famous wealthy people.

8. Authentic Reviews

People who purchase through your link, request them to review your real estate products as well as your agency.

Not only search engine algorithms give priority to authentic websites in terms of real estate SEO, the algorithms directly land your website among the real estate competition, making visitors choose between you and your competitors.

9. Getting Data from Your Competitors

You are not the only digital marketing agency. There are multiple agencies and some are better than you. Focus upon their strategies and see:

  • What makes them better?
  • Which keywords do they use?
  • From which region, do most people visit their websites?

These questions will help you formulate the right type of marketing strategy for your real estate products.

10. Real Estate SEO and Local SEO

Inside a state, there are rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. You can focus upon local search engine and local social media optimization by observing how people from rich neighborhoods use the internet.

With data achieved from web analytics, you can target the right keywords as well as make your website more appealing, which would naturally make your audience spend time on your website. The more time they spend or interact on your social media posts, the more they will be inclined in terms of making a sale.

11. Visual Appeal

People are not interested about the origin of the society. They are more interested in current development of a real estate society. Aside from standard real estate SEO, you need to invest in high quality pictures which would swoon an average internet user.

You can also contact a freelance photographer to present you different images from the work of solo camera, drone and scenery absorbing real estate photography. The more aesthete your approach, the better will your work look in the eyes of potential customers.

12. Getting Help From 3D Modelers

Your real estate SEO can observe a positive influx of users if you start using 3D objects inside a virtual environment.

For marketing, how cool would it be if you offer 3D models of apartments, pools, recreational centers and shopping malls of a locality?

Awesome, right?

You can also use 3D objects inside computer simulated animations and market them digitally.

13. House Buying and Selling Websites

There are websites which exclusively deal in all types of properties. 99% people who visit the website are the ones who want to stay in the loop of buying and selling of property. This is the real market and that’s where you should focus your real estate content marketing strategies.

Make accounts on those websites and promote real estate products. Focus upon real estate SEO so that your products are viewed by many people.

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