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10 Simple SEO Strategies That Can Help Your Business In Search Ranking - Freelancers HUB

There are lots of websites on the internet and they will not stop developing. With a stack of websites on World Wide Web, you need to design your website in a way which would have higher rankings, when people would search for it on a search engine.

When a website has higher rankings, more people visit the website, your product gains more exposure and you also earn in the form of ad revenue.

To improve rankings, SEO or ‘search engine optimization’ is used. It consists of a number of tricks, which are explained below.

1) Keyword Research and List of Target Keywords

When you see any content on the website, you will see a specific repetition of words. Those repeated words are known as ‘keywords’ and they increase SEO.

If an average person is to search about top universities, the search engine algorithm will place those websites on top which have a good density of words ‘top university’

NOTE: While it is important to have a keyword density, don’t over stuff your content as this has a declining impact on your SEO.

2) Meta Tags

When you upload an image, you get an additional space to write description. A lot of people ignore to fill this space but these spaces are known as ‘meta tags’ and they help in elevating your rankings.

Whenever you upload a picture or a video, it is highly recommended to write good description of each utility.

3) Clean URL Structure

A normal URL (Uniform Resource Locator) specifies location of a web address. A typical URL consists of a protocol, domain name and a path.

Good SEO practices include title tag words inside the URL. Even if you hide the title tag, human readable “URL” would provide knowledge to website visitors about what your site is all about and this improves overall experience.

4) Well-Researched Content

Content is everything – It is the soul of a website and a website is incomplete without it.

Words have an impact on us so it is important to write content in effective and readable language, which does not seem boring.

A lot of newly formed websites try to make a mistake about copying or spinning content of popular websites.

Search engine algorithms detect the symmetry and place your website in lower rankings. If you want the best experience for your website, it is recommended to acquire services of a professional content writer.

5) Header Tags and Interlink Pages and Posts

In HTML, you can give 6 types of headings ranging from H1 – H6. H1 is the largest display size heading while H6 is the smallest.

Search engine optimizes indexes web pages upon headings.

Also, it is important to know that 80% of first page search results of Google use heading H1.

Each page should have only one H1 heading and it should describe the content of the page.

6) Relevant Meaningful Images or Videos

This heading is an umbrella term. Think of it as, using appropriate multimedia to attract more visitors. When visitors are attracted, your website gains revenue. Not only you gain profit from ads but also search engine stores data about how frequently your website has been visited by people.

When using images, notice that larger an image/video, greater will be its loading time (But, it is the HD images with large files that attract audiences in the first place. You have to create a balance) (Alternatively, you can upload a video on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo) and share its link.

Use JPEG files for image optimization, use PNG files for logos and avoid the use of GIFs.

7) Structured Data

Search engine uses bots to fetch information about website. A bot is dumb – it cannot think of its own. But if it is doing a task, its efficiency will increase if data is obtained in an organized way.

Structured data is ‘extra’ information you see when you search a website. For example, if you search a college, you will see its working hours, location and phone number. To get started, use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. Submit your page to helper and tag different parts. Helper will generate HTML code which you can directly embed in your website.

8) Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages

They were presented by both, Google and Twitter. It is a coding practice in which basic HTML coding is reduced to make a webpage lightweight in nature. When a webpage is lightweight, less time is required to load it. Limited tags are used and streamlined CSS is required to make it work.

The coolest thing about AMPs is that they are open source. This means anyone can use and make appropriate changes in the technology so that its versions are better updated with time.

9) Backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks of your website on other websites. They are an integral part of ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO marketing. They are much emphasized upon because when your website is on another website, it means the other website trusts you enough to publicize your link.

Two things are important when it comes to backlinks.

  • Quantity
  • Quality

In both of these categories, the latter is more important than the former. A higher ranked website displaying your backlinks may have an impact, thousand times than the low-class spam websites.

NOTE: Don’t go for spam websites because search engines are known to restrict these websites. If you can’t launch a effective backlink building campaign, then it’s highly recommended to hire qualified professional freelancer or agency to do the job for you.

10) Social Media

To market a business, you need social media influence to capture the minds of the people. Social media is the universal platform, on which every age and gender group exits from all types of countries.

As of 2017, Facebook had 2.2 billion monthly active users while Twitter has 330 million active users per month. Instagram, which was launched much later after Twitter has surpassed 800 million monthly active users.

What you need is a positive attitude and a sound social media marketing strategy which will attract the particular type of crowd, which you want to attract. Make good use of content developing, graphic designing, science, humor and current trends to write interesting posts to attract your particular group of consumers. If your content is up to the mark, your consumers may promote it in their circle of friends.

In details of your social media account, you need to write about your website. Also, in all your posts, make sure to mention your website so that your audience know about you and your business.


While using SEO techniques to improve your rankings, do not compromise your user experience. In the world of business, ‘the customer is always right.’

Make sure you have an option of receiving feedback from customers so that you know about pros and cons of your website. Also, don’t stick to one layout at a time. Try something new – Go for innovation. See how well other popular websites are made and learn from them. Also, learn from your competitors. Their websites, how they use their keywords and develop their content will help you formulate even better marketing strategies. Make short term goals of your SEO and marketing tactics and keep on improvising. The journey of SEO of your website is a long process and is only fruitful, after hard work and proper dedication.

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