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10 Creative Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas for a Fashion Brand - Freelancers HUB

Digital Marketing strategies in the Fashion Industry are becoming competitive by the day and if innovative and creative ideas are not put together into your clothing lines as well as to its marketing platform, you could be left behind whilst others step into the limelight.

The designing team, working in close cooperation with the production lines assimilating market information from the Digital Marketing team, should bring precisely what all your prospective customers out there would like to buy and display.

The initiative does not stop there because until and otherwise your clothing line ends up to dress a consumer the Digital Marketing team should pursue the strategies to the very end, and once a consumer buys your clothing line one major step could have been achieved.

Sitting on the laurels so achieved, would also not suffice because as long as your combined team could dish out customer preferences you would be in business and if you let the competition to walk all over you, your business could see a decline.

To ensure that it does not happen, you would need to be creative and innovative all the time and your aggressive strategies in digital marketing for fashion brands should be at optimum levels.

The advantage in Digital Marketing unlike the traditional marketing practiced in days gone by is that it could be monitored closely to obtain a feedback as to its progress and the returns on the investment.

If there are any reasons to believe that it is not providing the returns envisaged the strategies could be changed, fine tuned or withdrawn without much ado.

We compile some of the salient issues that would put your brand in the forefront and envisage it would ensure that you lead the way with your competition following.

1. Improve search engine optimization

Get your brand where it matters most and that is on the first page of every search that prospective customers make because that is the first step to be seen when you are online.

Picking the right keywords and sustaining the campaign at all times would increase your online presence and to achieve that your search engine optimization or SEO strategies should be aggressive and innovative.

2. Initiate Search Engine Marketing

Prospective customers search proactively and when they do they should pick your brand up and for that you would need to initiate innovative search engine marketing strategies.

A call to action button or an email response on your website would initiate some action from your customers if you are to make some special offers or other incentives and these are generally impulsive actions.

3.Use the social media prolifically

Every one everywhere with a connection to the Internet is on one or many social media platforms and you would need to target prospective customers effectively so that they pick your brand up from the many that would already be on it.

Use every social media platform that are available as they are all free and once you are on one, most of them would be linked as customers who don’t find you on one would definitely find you on another.

4. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one important strategic marketing tool on the digital marketing platform as it is an effective direct marketing initiative and could be designed to be a very innovative one too.

Research studies show that 70% of emails are read by receivers and most of them at least read the basic contents that strike them first.

5. Initiate internet video marketing strategies

Seeing visuals is make believe, and that is what video marketing strategies are all about as it brings visuals to the prospective customers and that too right onto their palms.

With mobile devices proliferating there is no better strategy than to use than to show customers what you have with the best visuals possible.

6. Increase Brand Awareness

Ensure that you use every possible platform on the internet to promote your brand, from the search engines to the social media and even the digital billboards should not be left out.

The more visuals that you could bring onto the domain of your prospective customers the chances are that you would help them to sway their decision to buy in your favor.

7. Create a Blog

Create a Blog if you don’t have one and if you do keep it active and bring in good readable content and updating on a regular basis would create awareness and interest.

Blogs are also very important platforms that customers step into to see what the new trends are and what would be the latest offerings from you and it is a good platform if you could create sufficient interest in it.

8. Build backlinks

Try building authority backlinks from other websites that would have similar interests or even diverse which would not matter because piggy backing is not unethical as everyone does it.

You may not know where your prospective customers would be and if their regular interests are elsewhere you could rope them n if you are there when they search for something else.

9. Develop word to mouth staretgies

The Word of Mouth Association of America (WOMMA), contends after extensive research that 90% of retail sales in the US are helped by word of mouth initiatives.

That is quite a chunk of retail business that we are talking about and it is this that has brought every digital marketing professional to take their marketing strategies direct to their customers.

10. Create loyality

Loyalty to your brand has to be aggressively built up, using every possible digital marketing strategy and if you could bring all the available platforms together making your presence would be what you should concentrate on.

Brand loyalty could be created with sustained strategic actions on all fronts on every digital platform using the many mediums that are available.

It is how you would strategize your digital marketing initiatives that would bring you the results envisaged.

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